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After nearly a decade of watching how search engine optimization works and seeing SEO trends come and go, we’ve developed an effective solution for our clients as we build their websites and helped them to grow. We’ve studied SEO in-depth, and we continue to learn what works and what will provide long-term growth. The result is a sound process that builds brand awareness while making our clients thought leaders in their industry. Our proven strategies provide high-quality leads for our clients which convert to customers and increase the bottom line.

If you’ve read anything about building an online presence, you’ve heard of SEO. However, we have discovered that our clients have an incorrect understanding of what it is and what it does. That’s why they rely on us to develop an SEO strategy that is straightforward and effective. When done right, SEO is still the most effective way to build your business online.

In a time when it’s easy to change SEO companies, EraBright has given us every reason to stick with them. We look forward to our continued relationship.

Rod Dixon - The Dixon Firm, PC

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At EraBright, we treat our clients like family. We’re invested in their success just as we are with our own. With professionalism being a top priority, our approach to customer service could be described as family-oriented. We’re always available when you need us and we’re always happy to chat with you. As a transparent Marietta SEO agency, we’re devoted to educating our clients on what we do, how we do it, and what to expect.

My business partner and I knew that we needed SEO to gain more patients for our practice. After searching Google for an SEO company, EraBright popped up immediately. After 3 months of service, we’re now on the first page of Google for our top keywords.

David Yu
David Yu - Dental Center of Charlotte

EraBright has helped our law firm grow tremendously via SEO and paid advertising. With their help, we’re been able to target multiple locations throughout the state of Georgia. I would highly recommend EraBright for any of your digital marketing needs.

Bethaney Embry
Bethaney Embry - The Embry Law Firm

Marietta SEO Services

From ensuring that your website is optimized for peak search engine performance to initiating dynamic link-building strategies, we cover all the steps necessary to position your website at the top of search engines.

Onsite Optimization

SEO Website Coding

Onsite SEO involves making sure your website pages, titles, tags, content and overall structure are optimized for search engines.

Content Development

Engaging Your Audience

Our content strategy focuses on boosting your brand’s awareness and engagement with customers, while ultimately increasing traffic and sales.

Dynamic Link Building

Increasing Ranking Ability

We choose relevant, high-quality sites to acquire backlinks for your website in order to increase its ranking ability and organic traffic.

Dashboard Reporting

Using web analytics tools like Google Analytics, HubSpot, and many others, we’re able to track important information such as website visitors, phone calls, form submissions, demographics, keyword rankings, conversions, and most importantly ROI. This data will be used to further optimize your dental SEO campaign Additionally, you’ll have access to this information 24/7.

Our approach to SEO focuses on increasing search engine traffic, brand awareness, and sales while delivering a positive ROI.

Research & Strategy

We’ll conduct an SEO audit to determine what’s preventing your website from ranking at the top of search engines. Once we have this information, we’ll develop a plan of attack to resolve the issues. The audit will examine the primary areas of SEO: Technical, Onsite, and Backlinks.

Through the Technical and Onsite areas, we’ll cheek to see whether or not your website is properly coded and keyword optimized for search engine success. Next, we’ll determine the quantity and quality of your backlinks as compared to your competitors during our Backlink Analysis.

Onsite Optimization

After conducting an SEO audit and determining which keywords your website should rank for, the next step is correcting or improving the issues listed within the audit. From a technical aspect, we’ll do things like fix broken links, speed up your website’s load time, and make sure that your website is properly indexed in the web’s top search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing).

Next, we’ll optimize each service page around particular keywords. This process is called on-page optimization in which we strategically place each web page’s primary keywords in certain places within the content and coding. On-page optimization is necessary for all service, product, and blog pages.


Once we’ve gained a thorough understanding of your business, industry, and customers, we’ll develop a buyer persona that will guide our writing style for your website. If necessary, we’ll then prepare keyword-focused content for each of your website’s services pages. Again, these are the pages that are more likely to convert visitors into sales. Thus, increasing their ranking on search engines will be at the core of our SEO efforts.

Next, we’ll continuously prepare, optimize, and publish keyword-focused articles through your website’s blog. Not only will these articles be directly related to your services, but they’ll also generate web traffic and serve as link prospects for link-building initiatives.


Acquiring backlinks from authoritative, influential websites, or well-known websites that have a huge following is the number one way to shoot to the top of search engines. Having published content on these websites not only increases your website’s authority but also leads to more brand awareness and referral traffic.

Therefore, on your behalf, we’ll reach out and build online partnerships, for backlink acquisition and exposure purposes, with brands associated with your industry.

Marketing Analytics

Deliver on the promise of marketing performance management. Whether you need strategic metrics that reveal the big picture or operational metrics that help you solve specific problems (spoiler: you need both), count on us to help you gather and make sense of that data.

Using web analytics tools like Google Analytics, HubSpot, and many others, we’re able to track important information such as website visitors, demographics, keyword rankings, conversions, and most importantly ROI. We’ll use this data to further optimize your website for search engine leads and website conversions.

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SEO is a hot topic for those seeking to build an online presence. Experts in the industry weigh in on what works and what changes are made while often making it mysterious and complicated. We have developed an effective SEO strategy that we implement in a distinct way with each client based on their unique needs and business. We don’t follow fads and trends even though we do stay up to date on what’s current in SEO. We believe that the basics stay the same as long as you implement them correctly.

Experienced Marietta SEO Agency

To be effective in our SEO process, we first take the time to know each client and their business as well as the competition. We learn your goals and plans for the company’s future before developing a strategy that is specifically designed for you. We implement this strategy, stressing that it doesn’t work overnight. We know you must be committed to the long-term for SEO to be successful. We monitor our strategy and track important analytics to ensure the strategy is achieving the kind of results you want.

Along with our experience, we bring in-depth SEO expertise to our clients. We have developed our knowledge of SEO through testing and training and continue to stay updated on the latest information as well as new resources and tools to make SEO more effective. Our focus is to help our clients achieve a high level of success with their website, social media, and other online tools as they build a brand and gain new customers today and in the future. EraBright will take them to the next level with an SEO strategy that works consistently over time.