What’s the Difference Between Branded and Non Branded Keywords?

Branded Keywords VS Non-Branded Keywords

What’s the Difference Between Branded and Non Branded Keywords?

In internet marketing, the keyword universe revolves around two types of keywords, branded or non-branded, with the latter taking up the majority of the universe’s infinite space. Let’s discuss the difference between the two.

Branded keywords are keywords containing a company’s name while non-branded keywords are those that define or explain a company or a company’s products and services.

For example, “EraBright” is a branded keyword being that it’s our brand’s name. Keywords such as “inbound marketing agency”, “SEO company” and “pay per click management” are non-branded keywords being that they only define our offerings (which aren’t exclusive to our agency).

More About Branded Keywords

Ranking for branded keywords is important to online brand visibility. If a potential customer is aware of a company’s name and would like to know more about their products/services, they’d search for the company using branded keywords.

When search engine users search for branded keywords, they’ve encountered the brand through another marketing channel (business cards, brochures, TV ad, word of mouth, radio, etc.). Thus, the primary benefit of ranking for branded keywords, or a brand’s name, is that branded keywords have a much higher conversion rate given the user’s previous encounter or familiarity with the brand. In short, if a user knows the provider of what they’re searching for, chances are, they’ve made a buying decision.

Regarding SEO, branded keywords are normally easy to rank for because they’re exclusive to a company’s brand.

More About Non-Branded Keywords

On the other hand, if they’re not aware of a company’s brand name, they’d search for a particular product/service by searching non-branded keywords, or keywords that aren’t exclusive to any company, in which they’ll find a variety of companies offering those products/services.

Ranking for non-branded keywords is critical to attracting potential online customers who aren’t aware of your brand. Through SEO, a company is able to direct these search users to their website. However, unlike branded keywords, non-branded keywords could be very competitive, or hard to rank for, being that other companies will also be competing for such keywords.

In summary, a quality SEO campaign strives to capture all branded keyword traffic, or traffic associated with your brand’s name, while continuously striving to increase non-branded keyword traffic in order to direct prospects who don’t know your brand’s name.